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ISBN: 9781898594864


Book Type: paperback / softback


Number of Pages: 520


Book Dimensions: 235mm by 146mm


Extra Publication Notes: First published by Parapress, but now reprinted from its original files and distributed by Portsea Press


This critical review challenges the orthodox scholarly consensus about the order in which Shakespeare composed his plays and when they were written. It reveals surprising discrepancies in date comparisons. King John has been placed by scholars in every year of the decade up to 1598 and there are suggestions that Hamlet's date of 1602, could be as early as 1589.


In this authoritative book, evidence is reviewed methodically to produce a range of dates supported by in-depth analysis of aids to dating such as language, historical allusion the testimony of title pages as well as works by other authors including Palladis Tamia and the Stationers’ Register.


In considering Oxfordian dates, the intention is not to prove the Earl of Oxford authorship but the possibility of a range of earlier dates for each of the 36 plays in the First Folio, and four other plays which have been attributed to Shakespeare.

Kevin Gilvary gained a BA and MA from the University of Southampton and his Doctorate in English Literature from Brunel University London.

Dating Shakespeare's Plays

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