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ISBN: 9781916324305

Book Type: paperback


Number of Pages: 96

Book Dimensions: 254mm by 165mm

Images: 8 black & white illustrationsby A. J. (Tony) Pointon


About (taken from the blurb of Charles Dickens's Last Case):


From finishing Our Mutual Friend in 1865 until starting The Mystery of Edwin Drood in 1869, Charles Dickens had time to plot a detective/mystery novel to set a new standard in complexity. Sadly, because it was left unfinished at his death, this meant that the true Villain has remained undetected for 150 years. Critics have often relied on assumption rather than information left by Dickens.

Professor Pointon follows key strands of evidence to Dickens's real intention, many not before noted or given due weight. Thus entirely new light is cast onto the fate of Edwin Drood.

Charles Dickens's Last Case: Edwin Drood and the Curious Incident...

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